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Spare PhenoPen BODY capsule


Replacement capsule 500mg of pure CBD extract for Phenopen BODY.



Replacement capsule 500mg of pure CBD extract of easy magnetic placement suitable for the PhenoPen BODY device.

It helps to reduce chronic and acute pain. The body formula is enriched with CBE, which helps to fight pain originating from the nervous and musculoskeletal system.
Cannabinoids: CBDV 0.447%, CBD 51.2%, CBN 4.2%, CBL 0.509%, CBC 4.79%,
CBE 5.2%, CBT 3.52%
Terpenia: Alpha-Pinene 37.11%, Camphene 0.36%, Beta-Pinene 23.43%
Beta-Myrcene 6.56%, D-3-Carene 0.04%, D-Limonene 16.88%,
Terpinolene 0,04%, Linalool 0,03%, Isopulegol 0,10%, B-Caryophyllene 11,30%
Alpha-Humulene 0,81%, Coconut oil oxide 0,47%

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