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Spare PhenoPen SLEEP capsule


Replacement capsule 500mg of pure CBD extract for Phenopen SLEEP.



Replacement capsule 500mg of pure CBD extract of easy magnetic placement suitable for the PhenoPen SLEEP device.

It helps to improve sleep and overall relaxation. This or formula has powerful levels of CBN to help customers fall asleep and stay relaxed throughout sleep.
Cannabinoids: CBDV- 0.438%, CBG 1.53%, CBD 51.2%, CBN 7.6%, CBL 0.509%,
KTC 4.79%, CBE 5.26%, CBT 3.52
Terpenia: Alpha-Pinene 41.56%, Campene 0.32%, Beta-Pinene 19.42%,
Beta-Myrcene 11,08%, D-Limonene 12,63%, Isopulegol 0,12%, Geraniol 0,04%
Alpha-Xumulene 0.68%, β-Caryophyllene 10.64%

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