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Elixir Tea (10pcs)


Greek organic Hemp flowers combined with 2 types of green tea, rich in Cannabidiol (CBD), THC<0.2%.

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Raw organic hemp flowers of natural drying by KANNABIO, hand-picked and combined with green tea, create an aromatic tea with a rich taste and pleasant aftertaste. Rich in Cannabidiol (CBD), THC<0.2%.
10 tea bars individually wrapped.
The points of excellence of the rod:
1. Contains high quality tea leaves packed airtight.
2. It serves as a stirrer for sugar or honey and we don’t need a spoon.
3. Disperses tea evenly throughout the cup as opposed to the tea envelope which tends to stay at the bottom of the cup.
4. It doesn’t drip when it comes out of the cup because the tea leaves it contains expand and clog the holes in the rod. This keeps the surface around the cup clean.
5. Made of Silver Flexy™, a multilayer and safe material that can withstand temperatures above 100⁰C

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