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Hemp Oil Extract 3%


Hemp oil with 3% broad spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD and CBDa) content.


Pella Biocannabis Farm’s Hemp Extract product is produced with GMP
certified supercritical carbon dioxide extraction equipment
of the well-known American company Apeks Supercritical.
This method ensures the optimum quality of the produced
full-spectrum extract with the maximum absorbency of
the human body. All the beneficial characteristics are retained
of Hemp with all the beneficial ingredients of the full
cannabinoid profile. The Cannabidiol content is 3%, and
the extract is rich in natural terpenes that shield the skin and protect the
immune system, as well as in flavonoids, phenols, vitamins
and chlorophyll. It is a natural product, very low in THC < 0,20%.
This product has 3% broad spectrum content
Cannabidiol (CBD and CBDa). The extract has not been subjected to
decarboxylation, and together with its terpenes and the rest of the
cannabinoids ensure synergistic therapeutic action
(Entourage Effect). It also contains chlorophyll, which, although it gives the
more bitter taste, it benefits the consumer due to its anti-inflammatory
its action.
Each bottle contains 10 ml of oil with 3% (300 mg) oil content
CBD. Each ml consists of 20 drops containing 1.5 mg of CBD or 1.5 mg of CBD.
each. The dropper is built-in, which makes it easy to use.
use of the product easier everywhere and throughout the entire duration of the
Store in a shady & cool place. Consumed within 30 days
from opening the package. Shake well before the sublingual
use. Hold the oil in your mouth for a minute or more
before swallowing. The oil is absorbed by the glands in the mouth and
through the blood passes into the body’s circulation, where it acts.
Ideal for Vegan diet.
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