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Raw Hemp Flowers 15gr


Raw cannabis flowers of Pella Biocannabis Farm in a package of 15gr.




Pella Biocannabis Farm’s raw cannabis flowers are a 100% natural, organic product
Greek production, from selected flowers of the plant Cannabis Sativa L., variety Futura 75. Η
variety contained originated in France, where it was created both for the production
seeds and for use in the food industry because of its genetic characteristics
of. Naturally dried, hand-picked and hand-packed in a certified packing plant.
The packaging is of 15 grams with zip-lock, which guarantees optimal and long-term
their preservation. Rich in Cannabidiol (CBD), THC < 0.2%. For decoction, steaming and cooking. Η
cannabidiol is activated by admixture with oils or milk, as well as by evaporation-heating.
Certification of organic farming with No. Prot. 20.29031 by TÜV HELLAS (TÜV NORD).

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