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Cannabis and Headache

Most of us suffer from headaches (= pain in the head or headache = headache). But some headaches can be both chronic and debilitating, affecting our ability to carry out our daily tasks or even be able to go to work. When someone is living with such pains, they are desperate to find an effective treatment, especially when the drugs they are prescribed do not have the effect they would like (or come with too many unwanted side effects). Studies now suggest that the medical use of cannabis for headaches may be a form of headache relief.

What side effects and symptoms of headaches can the use of cannabis treat?

Cannabis for headaches according to official studies may help:

* Reducing inflammation

* Relaxation of muscle tension and inflammation

* Reducing blood pressure and dilating the arteries

* Reducing signals to the central nerve pain receptors


It can also help with some of the other symptoms of headache, such as:

* Chronic fatigue

* Trouble in reaching or staying asleep

* Concentration problems

* Irritability

* General muscle aches and pains

The ways of consumption of cannabis suggested for the possible treatment of headache are a) oral administration (CBD oil, etc.) and b) inhalation administration through specially designed devices suitable for CBD extracts.

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