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Disposable Vape 99% HHC-P – 1ml


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Disposable electronic cigarette (vape) 99% HHC-P

Royal Hemp’s Vape HHC-P 99% is a rechargeable vaping device
(Vape) disposable, high quality containing 1ml of strong HHC-P extract
(hydrogenated hexahydrocannabinol) 99%.
It offers euphoria, tranquility and relaxation, with impressive action delivering immediate and very strong result!!!!

HHCP is a hydrogenated version of THCP. Based on the research that has been done, the potency of HHC-P is considered stronger than Delta 9 THC and THCP. It has also been said by consumers that HHC-P is 1 to 2 times stronger than THC. This cannabinoid may affect you differently from others, as everyone’s endocannabinoid systems work differently, so we encourage you if you try it to take the dosage responsibly.

 Extremely strong
 THC Free
 Battery 350 mAh
 500 Puffs (joules) approximately
 Rechargeable with micro-usb (cable not included)
 Activated by inhalation
 Led indicator
 Liquid capacity 1ml

Only if the battery is exhausted but the liquid remains inside (shown in the
from the glass) then you will need to recharge the device, so that you can
use 100% of the liquid HHC.

Suggested use
 Inhale for 1-2 seconds from the top of the device. You have up to 500 uses (puffs)
 Purchase is only allowed for persons 21+
 Keep out of the reach of children

In case of contact with the skin: Wash with plenty of water. If irritation is observed
skin or rash consult or visit a doctor.
The package contains a disposable electronic cigarette device prefilled with
liquid 1ml.
TEL. POISON CENTER: 2107793777

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