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Carbon HHC-P 2gr (HHC+HHC-P 95%)


Flower HHC-P 2gr from Royal Hemp with a very high level of HHC+HHC-P 95%.

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Carbon HHC-P – Carbon of Greek origin enriched with HHC-P

Strong result

Attractive phenotype

HHC+HHC-P value: 95%

THC price: <0.20%

Packaging: 2gr

HHCP is a hydrogenated version of THCP. Based on the research that has been done, the potency of HHC-P is considered stronger than Delta 9 THC and THCP. It has also been said by consumers that HHC-P is 1 to 2 times stronger than THC. This cannabinoid may affect you differently from others, as everyone’s endocannabinoid systems work differently, so we encourage you if you try it to take the dosage responsibly.

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